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Chobe river cruises are a wonderful way to experience the Chobe National Park. Large herds of Elephants are common in the Chobe National Park. They tend to make their way to the river for a drink and onto the islands in the river to feast off the sweet grass. Puku and lechwe antelopes are common on the Chobe Floodplains. Herds of elephants cross the Chobe River to the islands, a site to behold. Common sites are the hippos and crocodiles basking in the sun.

Some of the best photography is possible in the afternoons; the evening light lends itself to excellent photography of the animals and birds as well as the magnificent sunsets over the Chobe River. The mornings are however also very special with the animals heading to the water for a morning drink.

Birding is also excellent along with the river with frequent sightings of African darters, fish eagles, kingfishers and other waders and water birds. The African Skimmer is often seen. This bird is an almost threatened species and a nice one to tick off your birding list.

Africa river cruises

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