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A river cruise with APT is the most relaxing and stylish way to discover the delights along the world's great waterways. Enjoy ever-changing views, fine dining and stylish surroundings aboard your beautiful river ship. On shore, you'll enjoy carefully-crafted excursions led by expert local guides, who will share their insider's perspective.

Whether you discover the cultural canvas of Europe; explore remote villages along the Mekong; or experience the ancient cities and temples of China, India and Myanmar, you'll appreciate the blissful convenience of river cruising as we take you from one discovery to the next. With an incredible range of included shore excursions and entertainment, you'll have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the local way of life.

The beauty of travel is that no matter where you are in the world there will always be something new around the river bend, waiting to greet you in remarkable and surprising ways. Free of traffic and multiple hotel rooms – your travel worries will melt away on a river cruise with APT. Once you are aboard, life becomes almost effortless as you unpack, relax and let your river ship sweep you along to each new and unique destination.

Fine dining, unforgettable sightseeing, the highest levels of personal attention, stunning accommodation; we have considered every last detail. Even if you have visited a region before, nothing quite compares to the new experiences and fresh perspectives that await on an APT river cruise.